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Speaking To Small Groups

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Speaking to small groups as an information marketer is great way to build your business.

Now, speaking is my number one method to accumulate a following and build my business, too. Some people are just getting started teaching about becoming a speaker, but I have been doing it for about 30 years, and my audiences are often quite large, but not always. My popular bootcamps are limited to less than ten people.

My JV partner, Bill Belew has built his business in the San Francisco area by hosting local Meetup Groups. He uses the site to promote online webinars as well as in-person gatherings because he knows that Meetups have great SEO value. And well he should know be cause he’s an SEO specialist.

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Speaking To Small Groups

Sometimes Belew simply posts that he’s going to be sitting in a Panera Bread location working on his laptop, and he invites anyone to join him. It works. People show up and he gets an audience of one or more and turns them into clients and customers, more times than not. That’s a perfect example of speaking to small groups for fun and profit.

It’s not always about getting up on a stage and wearing a suit to make a big impression. Belew shows up in his sweatshirt and jeans and it works for him. You need to find the people that fit your lifestyle and business model, whatever it may be. Maybe you live in a remote area  where there are no restaurants for a convenient Meetup gathering. So, meet up online instead, on a webinar or on Skype.

You can build your information marketing business exclusively doing your speaking online if that’s what works for you.

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