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Stand Out From The Info Products Crowd

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The ONLY way to stand out from the info products crowd, in person at an event or online in general is to establish your own unique brand. It has become THE crucial element for marketing success.  I like to pay attention to the advice given to sellers on the handmade products site called because there are so many sellers and pretty much everything is unique already. Handmade = unique.

In a recent Etsy blog post the following list of advice to sellers of hand-crafted items is 100% relevant to us as information marketers as well:

1) Understand your customer first.

info marketing uniqueness

Stand Out From The Info Products Crowd

2) Research the competition.

3) Determine your unique value.

4) Choose a positioning strategy.

5) Align the rest of your business with your strategy.

I blogged about the difference between tactics and strategy  a few days ago, so this seems like a good time to recap the topic. Everything starts with the overall strategy, which is based on a hole in the marketplace where certain customers are not being served. You have to find the gaps for your particular people, and fill in the gaps with your information products and services. Etsy’s points 1 – 5 are how you go about doing that, and how EVERYONE should go about doing it now.

The real value of this short list of points is that it is applicable to tangible products like handmade craft s and to digital products for highly-specialized business, medical or technical interests as well. We all have to follow the same steps in order to succeed.

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