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Stir Up Controversy To Market Information

Information Marketing

Have you explored and exploited opposing viewpoints to your own? If you can stir up controversy to market information you may have found a valuable avenue to promote yourself and your info products.

Young adult author Daria Snadowsky has 652 comments on her Huff Post Books blog post titled, “9 Famous Women Who Said I DON’T!”  Seems like her subject matter has struck a nerve with single women, and also with some men who chose to comment on her anti-marriage sentiment as well. Her Amazon page is linked to the post, which takes curious surfers directly to a buying opportunity.

info marketing controversy

Controversy and Information Marketing

I would be willing to bet that Ms Snadowsky sells a few copies of her new novel, Anatomy of A Single Girl (available in hardcover and also on Kindle) as a result of her bold blog post title and also her accompanying photos of famous single women throughout history.

One more thought while we’re looking at the information marketing opportunities in this example – young adults are most likely not reading the Huff Post Books blog. But moms and dads are reading it, and they might decide to 1-click the book on Amazon for their preteen daughter.

Stirring up controversy can work this way for your book, e-book and schedule of speaking engagements, too.  Write a blog post from an angle that differs from your own, find platforms to publish and talk about it, and link it to your products on Kindle and your own website. Liberal use of photos is always a good idea, too. Slideshows and videos enhance your blog post wherever it is posted, and whenever it is linked.

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