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Subject Lines In Email Campaigns

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It’s not a secret at all, but for some reason we don’t always take the time to craft subject lines in email campaigns with the same degree of care that we write articles and blog posts.  This can be a big mistake.

Debra Ellis says it perfectly in a post this week, “Emails are a series of components working together to motivate recipients to act. The subject line has always been a front-line player. Its ability to capture attention in a flash is critical to getting people to open the email for more information.”

info marketing email subject lines

Subject Lines in Email Campaigns

“Front-line player…” That’s a perfect phrase, isn’t it? It’s sort of a pun, making it easy to remember that the subject line is the FIRST thing your email recipients see, and it’s the ONLY thing that matters at that exact moment. If the subject line does capture their attention and motivate them to click and open it, nothing else matters right then. Period.  Nothing.

As usual, things are changing at Google again, and that includes the current Gmail field trial. Google is experimenting with email subject lines with keywords that it thinks are relevant to the user. Now, we are all experiencing online advertising that is targeted to our shopping habits. We get that.

But soon we may have sometihing similar going on in our inboxes. And more importantly, in the inboxes of our list subscribers. Gmail will be able to “rank” and prioritize emails on the basis of their interests and preferences.

Stay tuned for further adventures in the world of subject lines and how they can work for your information marketing.

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