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Success or Failure at Information Marketing

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The truth is, success or failure at information marketing is not an either/or proposition. There are degrees of both success and failure. If you invest 10 hours and $50 in creating an info product, and you make $100 in sales, you’ve earned $5 per hour for your time. That is technically a business success because you didn’t lose money. But you were probably aiming for a greater return on your investment, right?

I think the way Glenn Livingston described the concept of success in a recent email to his list is a clear expression of the way success works for most internet marketers.

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Success or Failure at Information Marketing

“I think because we’re all socialized in the school systems, we’ve come to think of success as a LINEAR
phenomenon … in order words, you put in a certain amount of effort, and you get a corresponding result.

Unfortunately, business is really NOT like this.  It’s more like trying to free a boat from a dock that’s tied
by many ropes.

You can work really, really hard to untie just one rope, and when you’re done, you’ve actually MADE significant progress, but the boat is still tied to the dock and can’t go anywhere yet.”

Isn’t that a great example? Untying knots to free a boat is a great picture, especially if you are building an  information marketing business and waiting for your ship to come in. Sorry for the pun, but it makes my point perfectly.  Persistence is crucial, even when we might not completely understand the next step.

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