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Targeting Your Real Info Product Market

Information Marketing

Targeting your real info product market is extremely important. But despite all the advice to the contrary, it is not always possible to select a narrow niche market when you are just starting out. Sometimes it’s impossible, in fact.

Speaking is a good way to find niche markets for your information products. I have built my own products about this topic and also written books explaining how to build your own products, too. I’m always on the lookout for more good ideas to add to my collection.

Here are a few from Jen Louden, posted on Think Traffic this week:

Targeting Your Real Info Product Market

Targeting Your Real Info Product Market

“Write a rough draft of your sales page – preferably before you design the course. Imagine what your just-right customer wants and needs. Name the take-aways and benefits you can actually provide.

Next pop over to your course outline and add in the material, stories and exercises that will fulfill the promises and benefits you just described on your first draft of the sales page…

Keep in mind why you want to create this course as you write your sales page and design your offer. Trying to please your customers – especially all possible customers – takes you out of your center and away from what you have to offer: your voice, your experiences, and your stories.”

My favorite part of her advice involves showing your sales copy to three people that “should” be interested. You know them and you know they have an interest in your topic. Listen carefully to their feedback and make adjustments when they respond to you.

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