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Testing Your Info Product Websites

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ABT stands for Always Be Testing, and that is one of my standard suggestions to my consulting clients. If you are not testing your info product websites, you are not going to know what really works. You have to sift out what doesn’t work to know what works best for your information business.

In other words, experimenting with different headlines and graphics and positioning and content on your websites and landing pages is a critical component of increasing conversions.

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Testing Your Info Product Websites

Copywriter Peter Sandeen  talked about testing in an email to his list this week. He shared that people often ask him how much traffic is needed to test accurately, to which he replied,

“You can see those differences even with very little traffic. 50 visitors is often enough to tell you which variation works better. So, start testing as soon as you have your website up. In the long run, it’s going to give you much better results.”

Naturally, a small test is not going to give you a broad base from which to analyze your test results, but it’s better to get started testing and collecting your data than wait until your list is much larger. Two things will happen when you start testing right away – you will make more conversions based on what your test results reveal, and you will grow your list in order to test more comprehensively. You cannot lose.

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