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The Business of Being A Seminar Speaker

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I often advise my clients that the best way to obtain more clients and sell more services is to get involved in the business of being a seminar speaker. That is exactly what I do to sell my information marketing products and services.

Speaking from a stage or to a smaller group at a conference table gives you tremendous advantages. If you have been hired or invited to speak, you are getting paid a speaker’s fee or you have an invitation to promote your own products and services during your presentation. Sometimes I am paid a fee and I also sell products as well. That situation represents the best of both worlds for me, and I am suggesting you consider it as well.

Speaking as Information Marketing

The Business of Being A Seminar Speaker

Speaking at continuing education seminars if you are a licensed professional, or industry associations if you are in business puts you in a position to gain credibility faster than any other method. Your personal interactions are building your credibility over time, of course, but public speaking speeds up the process immeasurably. Getting in front of a group of people with whom you have common knowledge and experience gives you a boost when you are prepared to use the opportunity to your advantage. That takes planning in three specific ways.

First, you must create the products you plan to offer and put together the service packages that are easy to explain and price. Secondly, you must have a professional resume or bio kit in order to get the speaking engagements. And finally, you must have a great presentation that informs, inspires and motivates people to want to buy what you are selling, as well as book appointments with you.

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