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The Downside Of Twitter and Your Info Product Business

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Well, it showed up on Fox News, so by now you may have heard that some unknown (as of this posting) hacker broke into Burger King’s Twitter account and did all kinds of PR damage for an hour before Twitter shut down the account. Whew, that’s the downside of Twitter and your info products business if somebody decides to hack into your account.

Naturally, you aren’t Burger King and so a hacker would not be likely to get the attention this one is getting. But it’s a good lesson for us all. Fox News also reported:

information marketing in twitter

The Downside Of Twitter and Your Info Product Business

“Monday’s appropriation of Burger King’s Twitter account was a relatively mild example of cybersecurity problems, which are causing increasing concern in Washington and for industry. Media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post have all said this year that their computer systems were breached, while several NBC websites were briefly hacked in November. White House officials and some lawmakers are pursuing legislation that would make it easier for the government and industry to share information on how to defend against hacking.”

I don’t use my Twitter account much, mostly because I am too busy.  But this news makes me think that I have also resisted sharing a lot of information or striking up tweet-based friendships because the platform is somewhat volatile. I guess we are all volatile to some degree if we market online.

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