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The Future of Information Marketing Online

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Caught up in the frenzy of day-to-day tasks involved in your business it can be hard to schedule time to think about the future of information marketing online.  Right? Well, right now is a good time to start thinking about it in order to catch the wave because it’s a big one.

Neicole Crepeau wrote a barn-burner of a post on and I’m still recovering from her forecast of the future of social media on smart phones:

“G+ may not have displaced Facebook, but it’s gained a respectable following. (Its Circles feature also provides some great data about the importance and type of friends you have.) Google’s first step will likely be to integrate G+ into Now and begin serving G+ updates—and prompting you to update your status—via the Personal Assistant.”

google information marketing

The Future of Information Marketing Online

OK, let’s unpack this paragraph, bit by bit. First of all, Crepeau describes Siri on the iPhone and Google Now on Android devices as intelligent Personal Assistants. That’s right. They are no longer simply smart phones. Now they are moving in the direction of being smarter than we are. Sheesh.

So, the over-arching goal of Google is to use the personal information collected from your search habits, shopping habits and G+ profile popping-up with real-time news, alerts, information and reminders.

I called this post The Future of Information Marketing Online because those of us who market information will be functioning in a very different environment very soon. We will have to provide different, deeper and specialized information in order to attract and convert customers using their Personal Assistants as gatekeepers.

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