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The Future of Information Marketing with Vinton Cerf

Information Marketing

If you’re in the business of selling information online, then listen up! I just had the pleasure of interviewing Vinton Cerf, one of the two guys known as the “fathers” of the internet.

Not only is “Vint” a genius, he happens to be one of the nicest people I’ve met in a long time.


It was an on-camera interview and it’s being edited as I write this. We covered a lot of questions that info marketers would want to know the answers to. One of the questions I asked him was about idea of Chris Anderson’s concept that all digital material tends towards FREE.

What does this mean for people like you and me who want to SELL information? He addresses that issue.

We also discussed the issue of PRINT being DEAD. However, just because print will soon be dead, TEXT is definitely NOT dead. Nor will it be any time soon. This topic was elaborated on in significant detail.

The interview went for a little over an hour.

We also “cleared up” the issue relating to Al Gore INVENTING the internet. During the interview we addressed this issue and Vinton had a very interesting answer to the question.

As soon as the interview is edited I’ll put it up on this site. I think you’ll find his answers to the questions enlightening. I sure did. I was happy he was able to give me the time to “pick his brain” about the topic.

Information Marketing

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