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The Humility Factor in Information Marketing – Part 2

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If the humility factor in information marketing is necessary to genuine success, then what does it look like in action? I mean, what does it look like in our own business lives? How does it affect our daily lives?

Naturally, each person’s spiritual or religious practices could be mentioned here. They certainly have, or should have an influence on business and daily life.

But I’m focused on the material level here, and I’m considering my own humility factor as I encourage you to do the same. How do I know what humility looks like in my information marketing business?

Humility Factor in Information Marketing

Humility Factor in Information Marketing

Well, for one thing, I do not hesitate to ask for help when I need it.  That’s a true test of my own humility. I have no problem delegating tasks to others when I know they can complete the tasks better and/or faster than I can. I LIKE to hire people whose skill levels exceed my own.

Do you?  Have you graduated from thinking you can and should do all the individual tasks associated with creating and marketing information products?  Here are some examples of tasks you might consider delegating:

  1. Editing e-books and scripts for audio and video productions;
  2. Mastering audio products;
  3. Editing video products;
  4. Designing logos and other graphics;
  5. Printing labels, stationery, business cards and other promotional materials;
  6. Printing course materials, such as handouts for seminars and other live presentations;
  7. Creating professional PowerPoint graphics.

Maybe you have mastered those skills and don’t think you could benefit from professional  help, especially if you’re just getting started on a shoestring. If so, I encourage you to think again. It can’t hurt to consider the humility factor right now.

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