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A few years back I had an epiphany. I was doing a lot of teaching. Both my own self promoted events AND speaking for a number of the well known seminar promoters. I was teaching exclusively in the field of information marketing. What I realized is that VERY few of the people who attended these events actually DID something/anything with the material.


So, I decided to start doing bootcamps. This has now become a completely overused term. MY bootcamps are a one week intensive training course that is limited to just 6 paying attendees. In addition to those who pay to attend, I often times invite my proteges and JV partners to attend.

If you are curious about the bootcamp, you can find more information about it at:

My intent with these bootcamps was to create a training environment for those who are seriously interested in selling info products. To give them the essential skill sets needed to succeed in the information marketing business.

Starting on a Thursday (which may be changing shortly), I walked people through the seven steps of info marketing success. Each one of the paid attendees gets to record an audio program. Some of them sell these programs and others use them as “freebies” to get people to opt-in to their lists.

By the following Thursday, they have everything in place to launch a highly profitable info marketing business. This includes getting copy written for either a squeeze or a sales page.

The reason why I launched the bootcamp 3 years ago was that I was incredibly annoyed that so few people took action on what I taught. Unfortunately, even after attending a bootcamp, very few people seem to follow through.

I GUESS this is just life.

BUT, it still bugs the crap out of me. I’ve done everything I can to give people the tools to succeed. Unfortunately, there still seems to something that holds people up. That keeps them from “living the dream” of a successful information marketer.

I KNOW it’s not the roadmap that I give people at the event. There have been a few people who have taken the information and REALLY done some great things. BUT, similar to my frustration with people who attended my previous events, very few people TAKE ACTION.

Here is what I suspect is happening.

People have good intentions. Even after I tell them that it will take anywhere from 18-24 months to see REAL progress, they aren’t willing to do what it takes.

Again, I’m confused!

I can’t go home with everyone and make sure they “do their homework.” One of the things that they are charged with when they leave my event is to write 3-4 blog posts weekly. This in addition to a similar number of video blogs using YouTube.

FEW, if ANY of them follow my advice.

Again . . .  WHY NOT?

I suspect that life gets in the way. For me, information marketing is how I make my living. For others who attend the bootcamp, they have an existing income stream coming from somewhere. Information marketing is for them, a DREAM that they want to test out before they jump off.

Years ago I had a mentor named Howard Shenson. I started attending this workshops in the early 80s. I was still employed (barely) at the time. When I finally got fired for the 5th time, Howard was EXCITED for me.

He told me that when I had something to fall back on, I would never fully commit to making it in the field.

Years later, I think he was and IS right. As long as people can make a living doing something else, they won’t commit to doing WHAT IT TAKES to succeed in the business of selling info products.

I don’t have an “out”. This is what I do. This is how I make my money. I don’t have another income source. For me, failure is NOT an option. I suspect that when it is, people will continue to do little or nothing.

Agree or disagree?

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