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I have an associate who is a real estate investor, and she has trained other investors for many years. The other day she put together what she called, “a little book,” for a client who is pondering the wisdom of getting involved in rental property. I said, “Oh, you mean you created an information product for him.”

She was quiet for a moment and replied, “I guess that’s true.” Of course she knows what the next words out of my mouth are going to be. She has watched my free information marketing videos and she gets it. But she didn’t exactly see how it relates to her and to her particular business as a real estate investor.

information marketing on real estate investing

Real Estate and Information Marketing

Her “little book” is particularly interesting because it is pretty much the opposite of what other investors teach, at least in my experience. But she is stuck in a rut, and it’s obvious when she says, “But there is already so much information about real estate investing on the market…” She cannot see how her information is different and attractive.

She provides thorough information on tenants’ rights in her state, and also sample return on investment (ROI) calculations that do NOT take appreciation into consideration. In other words, her information marketing is not designed to lure new investors into the arena, but genuinely prepare them for what to expect once they make their investments in rental property.

That is potent, useful and marketable information. I will not be letting her forget it, either.

Is any of this ringing a bell for you, too?  Do you routinely provide clients or mentees with information that you can package and sell to others?

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