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I’ve been marketing and selling information products for over 25 years. One of the KEY concepts that I hear people pay a lot of lip service to is the idea of “putting your customers goals ahead of your own”. Everyone and their brother talks about how important it is to put others FIRST. VERY few actually do it.

I’ve heard this same claim made in every industry. The vast majority of people who make these claims do so for one reason only. To make more money for THEMSELVES. They really could care less about the customers. They are only concerned about making more money for themselves. Right now.

So WHY does it REALLY make sense to treat people this way? The “right” way? The way that everyone CLAIMS that you should? Here’s a recent example from my own business.

I recently had a chance to get a client to buy some additional products from me. The problem is that at the time it was not the BEST use of their limited resources. They couldn’t afford it. I told them NOT to buy the products. It wasn’t right for them.

Didn’t I want the money? Sure I did, but it was not the RIGHT move for this particular client at this particular time. In the LONG run, I will make MORE money over the long haul by doing what is RIGHT for them.

If you take the LONG VIEW for your business, the money might not come in quickly, but it will come in. Eventually. That’s the problem. Most people who market and sell info products aren’t willing to wait. They want IMMEDIATE gratification. They want the money NOW.

I think that you will probably make MORE money over TIME, IF you are prepared to let the money come in slowly and by doing what is RIGHT for anyone you deal with.

Trust me, I’m not trying to be a “BOY SCOUT” here. I’m trying to do what is best for me AND for my client. As it turns out, doing this is a good business decision


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