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The Most Common Information Marketing Problem

Information Marketing

Over the years I’ve noticed a distinct tendency among information marketers who primarily work alone. We can all fall into the trap of thinking that we are the only one having the following experience. I’m quoting Peter Sandeen’s recent post on because he does a great job of painting the picture for us:

“You have something valuable to offer. People just don’t understand what makes it better than another option.

Maybe they don’t believe joining your email list is worth it.

info marketing common problems

The Most Common Information Marketing Problem

Or maybe they prefer somebody else’s products and services to yours even though yours might be better.

When you’re building a new business, you’re likely to have this problem.”

Doesn’t that sound familiar? I’m guessing there’s a voice in your head mulling over those same thoughts regularly. Am I right?

For whatever it’s worth, the doubts expressed in Sandeen’s post constitute the MOST common experience that most information marketers share. It’s not IF you might have that experience someday, it’s WHEN you have it. Or perhaps more appropriately, it’s when you STOP having the experience that really matters.

That marks the date when you are fully prepared to build your successful information marketing business. It is a true signal of maturity in the process of discovering exactly what you have to offer and exactly WHY people will choose you over other marketers.

Even worse than having the problem Sandeen describes is having it and not knowing you have it. So, just get on with identifying your unique value and finding a very concise, very clear way to express it and demonstrate it in order to build your business now.

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