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The NEW Holy Grail of Information Marketing

Information Marketing

For many years, people who are in the information marketing business would brag about their SIZE. LIST SIZE that is. I suspect that the bragging will soon shift to another number. Number of RSS subscribers.

As email gets more and more difficult to get through people’s spam filters, deliverability of email will present even more of a problem than it is today. Which is HUGE!

To avoid spam filters you need to have a metaphorical HOTLINE between you and your customers and prospects. That HOTLINE is the RSS feed. The RSS feed is set up between your blog and a person who wants to know when new content is added to your blog.

It’s the ULTIMATE opt-in methodology.

There is NO filter between your musings and your customers in-box. Anytime you have something of value to say, your customers know about it in an instant. Why? Because they have asked to be notified when it happens.

If you don’t understand how this works, you need to. Over time, I predict that email effectiveness will continue to DECLINE. Not just because of the volume of HYPEY offers that people send out, but also because of technology preventing people from even SEEING the emails that they have opted-in to receive.

So, your goal at this point if you sell info products is to get positioned as one of the few people that your customers and prospects have set up a HOTLINE with. That your RSS feed is coming right to them, by-passing all the filters and delivering the information that you want them to see.

The number of RSS subscribers is also becoming a huge element of site valuation. For many years, people would estimate value of a site based on many factors, not LEAST of which was the number of names on your list.

This will remain important, but the number of RSS subscribers will become even MORE important.

When a client or prospect signs up for your RSS feed, they are making you one of their BFFs! Or whatever the heck they are calling it these days. You are at the TOP of their list of people they want to hear from. AND, they know IMMEDIATELY when you have posted something new.

Sure, they haven’t unsubscribed from a number of email lists, but the open rates on those emails has gone WAY down. And I mean WAY DOWN!

What do YOU need to do?

Make sure that everyone has a way to get your RSS feed. Don’t know how to do it technically? Find out! Need someone to do that? Contact my buddy Dave Hamilton, the WebMarketingMagician. He can help you out if you need it.

Let me know how that works out for you!

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