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For every information marketing person, membership sites should be part of your mix. I’ve recently switched to a new system that I’m excited to share with you.

Go to

This is my affiliate link for you to purchase what now appears to be the BEST membership software out there. I will begin using it for any and all of my sites, both for me and my clients.

Once you go there you’ll see why. The number of features versus the well-known competitor, Wishlist makes this program a NO-BRAINER. I’ll also be doing an interview with one of the principals next week. Once completed, you’ll be able to hear an archived audio copy of the interview on this site.

I had already paid money for the Wishlist membership product, but sometimes you have t make a switch when a better product comes along. I believe this is a better product, and, like it’s competitor runs well with a WordPress based site that I recommend that anyone who sells info products should use.

If you don’t have a membership site up and running yet, I suggest that you start one using this product. They also have some tools to get you going with your own membership site quickly and easily. That is the option I’m going to select.

YOU may not need it, but for me, I want the process of setting up THIS or ANY software to be as painless as possible.

Visit the site and feel free to leave comments after this post with any experiences that you have, be they positive or negative. I want to hear them all!

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Cheap Domain Names Registration

Get domains name cheaper than anywhere with 24/7 customer support.

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