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The Truth About Your Information Marketing Following

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I saw it in an email today, and it hit me like a brick. The truth about your information marketing following is that you don’t get it primarily from “liking” or “following” anyone with a click. The people who want to hear what you have to say and read what you choose to write don’t magically appear from those clicks, not really.

Expecting those “votes with a click” to result in paying customers is similar to crashing a party and expecting a warm welcome. Mostly it doesn’t happen that way.

Information Marketing Following

Information Marketing Following

How do you react – be honest here – when somebody you have never met in person or online asks to be your friend, or to be “in your circle”? Do you go and check out that person’s profile first? I do.  I am not interested in collecting fans or friends or followers that aren’t consistent with my target market.

I am not a famous rock musician or a Top-10 popular novelist.  Are you?  Those are a couple examples of public figures with a real fan base, and they collect friends and followers in spite of themselves. They really don’t have to work at it. People want to be associated with whatever they think is cool.

There are information marketing superstars, too. Tony Robbins and Guy Kawasaki are two that come to mind without investing much thought.  Those two guys have huge followings because they have been consistently writing and speaking for years, and their clients and customers want to follow them online now.

Use of social media for promoting your info products is to work out best with people you already know, who choose to follow you because they like what you do. Yes, there are certainly exceptions…

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