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Things Are Changing At Google This Summer

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Things are changing at Google this summer, and I’m not sure I completely understand them. But, I am DEFINITELY not alone because nobody completely understands what Google is going to do ahead of time.  But we know that webspam will be targeted again, as will advertorials and poor quality links.

If none of that makes any sense, you can be relatively certain that you are not conducting “black hat” SEO techniques accidentally. People who are trying all kinds of tricks to boost page ranking tend to KNOW that’s what they are doing. If you aren’t looking for SEO tricks and experimenting, then your sites should be in a good position to weather the upcoming changes in Google searches. And, there’s a good chance your sites will actually gain in page rank as a result.


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Things Are Changing At Google This Summer

Barry Swartz posted on Search Engine Land, offering some quotes from a recent Matt Cutts video. He included the following, “Matt Cutts explains the purpose of all these changes is to reduce the number of webmasters doing black hat spam tactics from showing up, while giving smaller businesses that are more white hat the chances to rank better.”

In other words, the harder you try to use tricks to get your sites to rank well, the worse they will be ranking in the near future. Google search programs are getting very sophisticated, to the point where they can detect content that is really “native advertising,” compared to real, unbiased information.

It pays to be very careful and take your time building genuinely valuable content on your information marketing websites and landing pages. There’s never been a better time to stick with your “white hat” and toss your “black hat” aside forever.

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