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Since things are changing in the world of page ranking, and since page ranking is determined by search engine optimization, it’s always a good time for some timeless SEO truth for information marketers.  I’m assuming that most of your product marketing and probably most of your sales is on the web, so that’s why it’s so important to understand link bait.

When you go fishing for links from other websites, which is a big part of SEO now, you’ll need to use some bait.  And where there’s bait, there’s got to be a hook, right? Although there are others, here are five types of hooks from a good PDF called Link Friendly Content by John Wuebben:

“Types of Hooks:

info marketing timeless seo

Timeless SEO Truth For Information Marketers

• Tying in to what’s relevant – the News Hook

• Going against the grain – the Contrary Hook

• Taking the offensive position – the Attack Hook

• Providing something important – the Resource Hook

• Making people laugh – the Humor Hook”

Of course it’s possible to be a lot more specific to your target market in selecting your hook, and that’s actually a great idea. It’s also a really good idea to avoid too much negativity, unless you want to attract curiosity seekers (NOT all traffic is the right traffic for making sales) who click away within seconds.

Link bait is writing your information marketing content in such a way that your blog post or article or comment makes people click on your links. But it’s what happens next that really matters. You want those people to link back to your site in their own writing and posting. Then their readers can click on links that lead back to your site. This was always an important part of SEO, but building links is more critical than ever now.

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