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Time no longer marches on, it flies at the speed of light on our digital devices. Today’s advice may be out-of-date tomorrow, and that is certainly the case for tips to create info products now. A person could sit around all day and study what current experts say about how to capture attention and make sales.

Unless you have time to study all day long, you need clear, concise input about how to create your info products and build your business so that you can stop learning and start earning. At least you need to move in the direction of earning an income or enhancing it with your products, right?

information marketing infographics

Info Marketing Infographics

I am fascinated by the way the basic tools of information marketing morph into different forms, and yet remain very much the same as they were before the digital age began. I am remembering John Caples’ famous words that reached into the hearts of aspiring pianists – “They Laughed When I Sat Down At the Piano. But When I Started to Play!”

His 1926 print ad motivated thousands to buy a correspondence course from U.S. School of Music, and it spawned a trend in advertising that is remarkably relevant for marketing information today. Why? Because human emotion remains the same, only the trappings of our emotions change. In that fact, information marketing has not changed one bit over the years.

Creating info products now requires creative, careful and consistent use of infographics, how-to audios and videos, written transcripts and strategic collaboration. But each of these needs to reach into the hearts of the intended audience members and grab them by their human emotion to motivate them into immediate action. Whatever it takes to make that happen is what needs to be done now.

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