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Two Sides To Social Media For Info Product Marketers

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I guess the whole idea of tracking sales generated by social media is still relatively new, and apparently fraught with some controversy. That’s why I say there are two sides to social media for info product marketers.

Mark Schaefer of Business Grow blogged on a particular controversy this week.  He wrote, “There was a lot of buzz on the Internet last week about a report and infographic from stating that 60 percent of small business owners are not realizing a return on their social media marketing efforts.”

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Two Sides To Social Media For Info Product Marketers

The problem, according to Schaefer, is that national media picked up the report and infographic, but the conclusion drawn was not representative of the whole population of businesses using social media. “The Manta research was not a national survey. It was not a representative survey. It is not a statistical extrapolation of the current state of social media. This was a survey of 1,200 of Manta’s own customers.”

There’s nothing new about skewing data, so this tactic does not surprise me.  But Shaefer’s point is that more comprehensive, very recent statistics stand in stark contrast to the Manta report. He writes, “The McKinsey Global Institute polled 4,200 executives and found that 72 percent of their businesses used some form of social media marketing and 90 percent of those businesses reported receiving business benefits from those efforts.”

Which side of the controversy do you agree with?  If you have you own experience on social media, you’ll probably have an opinion, one way or the other. Please feel free to comment on this hot topic.

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