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Unplug To Enhance Information Marketing Productivity

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I enjoyed reading CJ Lyon’s description of traveling from the US to Paris with her smart phone. Despite all assurances, it did not work in Paris. It would not connect for phone service or internet. It was simply off.  As a result, Lyons had a revelation that she is using to re-order her work life now that she’s back in the states:

“No cell. No text. No internet. None of the apps that I downloaded to help me translate French or navigate the cities, nothing worked. Except the camera, which is basically what my phone became.

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Unplug To Enhance Information Marketing Productivity

At first all I noticed was the inconvenience of not being able to check in whenever, wherever I wanted. But then I realized how freeing it was. The power of OFF. I had no one to answer to, nothing that couldn’t wait until I wanted to attend to it, no interruptions or distractions. I was free…”

Remember the days before we were all totally connected all the time? We have the power to bring freedom to our days now, too.  We turn off our smart phones in theatres, churches and hospitals, so why not turn them off for a while when we’re creating content for information products, too?

If you have tried this technique, let us know about it in the comments. If you regularly unplug to enhance information marketing productivity, what results have you experienced, and how do you manage your free “time off” from digital distraction?

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