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Update on Audio Books For Self-Published Authors

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Elizabeth S. Craig posted a truly comprehensive update on audio books again this week. It’s a thorough description of her experiences filling out the forms on ACX, the Amazon platform for self-published authors. I haven’t read her novels, but her story about ACX is pretty interesting just as it is.

Her primary adventure involved selecting the type of narrator she wanted to read her book, a separate selection for each book. Naturally, she could hire her own voice over talent, but if she wants Amazon to select one, she has to make some detailed choices about the age, voice quality and characteristics she desires.

acx publisher marketplace

Update on Audio Books For Self-Published Authors

“The reason royalty share may be appealing is because of the cost of narration, otherwise.  I believe that $1200 would be a fair estimate for many projects (at $200 a production hour for a six-hour audio project).

However, if you post that you’re looking for a royalty-share agreement, you may be limiting the field of narrators–they’re having to take a big leap of faith that their substantial investment of time will be worth it in the end.  If, obviously, you’ve already got a successful ebook or two on Amazon, that’s going to help your project look more appealing.”

I would definitely suggest spending time with her blog post, and then heading over to ACX to get all the options straight for your own purposes.  Non-fiction information marketing authors will not need character voices for an audio book, so your selection will be easier, I’m sure. But the financial split is also important to understand before you get started.

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