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Use Your Blog To Gain Information Marketing Authority

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Someone wrote me an email the other day, asking if it was necessary to blog in order to become a writer. There are many things I wanted to say, but I kept it pretty simple. I explained that blogging is a good way to get started writing, and to have a schedule for writing. Those are both good things, and good reasons to use your blog to gain information marketing authority.

You may not have a list of email subscribers, or much web traffic to your site, but that shouldn’t deter you from writing as though many eager readers are waiting to hear what you have to say. In fact, that’s a useful fantasy of sorts. I have no idea how many people were actually reading my posts when I started blogging ‘way back in August of 2004, but it was NOT a large number.

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Use Your Blog To Gain Information Marketing Authority

As time passed, I hosted and participated in other people’s live seminars, collecting listeners and readers at each event. I hosted and participated in online events as well, and my list continued to grow. It takes time to collect a large readership and build a big list of information marketing contact names and email addresses.

Author and blogger Nina Amir posted on The Future Of Ink recently, including the following statistics:

“According to a recent survey done by, an aggregator of blogs, 56 percent of all bloggers say their blog has helped them establish a position as a thought leader within an industry. In addition, 58 percent say they are better known in their industry because of their blog.”

More than half of bloggers say that their blogs are helping them to gain authority. That’s my point.

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