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Despite the fact that you may have world-class knowledge about exotic fish, you’ll still find yourself using some creativity to build your info products about them.  You could print a hardcover book that is die-cut in the shape of a Clown Knifefish, but that probably wouldn’t actually increase sales.

I am talking about the depth and breadth of creativity it takes to build successful info products from the ground up. This is mental work of the highest order and it’s good to know an expert on creativity in order to get some pointers.

relation of information marketing and play

Information Marketing and Play

John Cleese, of Monty Python, A Fish Called Wanda and Fawlty Towers fame is also a coach and lecturer on creativity in some pretty high-level venues.  His presentations on the topic are legendary, but one particular point he makes is very relevant to creating successful info products. Cleese says that the most creative people are able to tap into their deeper unconscious mind in a playful way.

Play. It’s almost a foreign concept when we are getting started building an information marketing business (often working a full-time job at the same time) by learning to focus on our topic in a serious way. How can serious work and creative play co-exist? In a way, they do not co-exist, and that’s why it can be very productive to take a break.

One of my associates calls it her “staring time.” She just sits and stares while ideas percolate through her mind. She doesn’t try to think about anything in particular, but she doesn’t push thoughts out of her mind either. She just sits there and lets them have a life of their own.  It isn’t exactly playful, but it’s a break from work.

Experimenting with play breaks can help you build your unique info products, too .

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