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Using Word To Publish Your E-book

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If you are using Microsoft Word to publish your e-book, you are navigating in waters with hidden dangers. Yes, Word is easy and it will work, but you may not end up with the most professional-looking book, and that could come back to bite you.

In reality, your readers probably won’t care, and they may not even notice the things that make an e-book formatted in Word less professional than other books they read. But your readers are oftentimes NOT the first people who see your book, or the ones who serve as important gatekeepers for your book. Think about this for a moment – who sees your book first?

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Using Word To Publish Your E-book

Do you send a link or a PDF to meeting planners in order to book speaking engagements? That person is a gatekeeper for your information marketing business because he or she makes a decision to hire you or not. If you get past the gatekeeper, you have the opportunity to speak for a much larger group, and you can sell or give away your e-book to many others. But that will not happen if you cannot impress the gatekeeper first.

Joel Friedlander said it this way on the BookBaby Blog this week, “…it doesn’t cost any more to print a good-looking, properly constructed book than it does to print one that looks amateurish and haphazard.” He is talking about a tangible book, which is even better when you are using your book to obtain speaking engagements.

But until your tangible book is published, your e-book must meet the same high standards in order to make a good impression when you need it. Use of Microsoft Word may not be the best choice for formatting your e-book, and exploring the use of e-book templates is an option.

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