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Videos in Your Info Marketing Emails

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This is not a new topic, but it seems to be getting a resurgence of attention with information marketers. The combination of email and video is a good one, as long as the video is not slow to load, totally exasperating your email recipients and defeating your purpose in using videos in your info marketing emails in the first place.

David Daniels interviewed Justin Foster on ClickZ recently, and in their conversation Foster brought up some good points:

info marketing videos

Videos in Your Info Marketing Emails

“The basic idea is to bring messages to life, create a more dynamic inbox experience, and drive up the number of people who watch videos. The product is delivered to clients as a safe and straightforward block of HTML that is copied and pasted into the email message prior to sending. A key advantage is that clients retain their existing relationship with their trusted email service provider or marketing services agency – no switching or technical integration is required beyond a simple copy/paste.”

Foster is explaining the use of videos that are embedded INTO the email, not attached to them. There’s a big difference in the way email recipients respond to videos that don’t require them to leave their inbox, and those that do.

There are several platforms available for you to explore now, and for you to experiment with embedding videos into your information marketing emails.  Just remember how you would personally like a video to show up in your inbox, and make sure you provide the same convenience to your email list.

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