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Vulnerability in Your Information Marketing

Information Marketing

If I never create an info product, nobody will ever see my screw-ups. That’s what goes in the mind of every person who has ever contemplated writing and/or speaking to market information.

Nothing I have ever created has been perfect, and yet I’ve built a business and a career. None of my clients or partners have created perfect products either. We have all pushed passed the insidious perfection barrier in order to succeed, and you will experience some vulnerability in your information marketing, too.

Perfection in Information Marketing

Perfection in Information Marketing

A TED talk by Brene Brown on the subject of vulnerability is a refreshing drink of cold water on the hot topic of giving up our attachment to perfection and getting on with our lives as imperfect human beings.

I encourage you to watch it because if you are waiting for the perfect time and the perfect circumstances to publish your e-book, or record your audio programs, this talk will push you, lovingly but firmly into your future.

Brown stands for the fact that our vulnerability makes us who we are, and it provides the framework for our unique contributions to the world, including our financial success. She asserts that attempting to avoid building the framework altogether by striving for perfection and forgetting or failing to acknowledge our vulnerability guarantees that we are missing out on our genuine life experience. She says, “Courage is born out of vulnerability, not strength.”

Are you courageous enough to get your next info product started now? What’s holding you back? If that 20 minute TED talk wasn’t enough Brene Brown for you, listen to this Krista Tippet radio interview with her and you’ll get EXACTLY what you need to give up the dream of perfection and to get started creating your info products.

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