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Want To Convert More Visitors On Your Info Product Pages?

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Conversion is the process of getting a website visitor to take action. That action usually takes the form of opting-in or subscribing to your list, or completing a sale transaction requiring payment. Those are the two basic things we ask visitors to our site to do, correct? Do you want to convert more visitors on your info product pages? I’m assuming the answer is YES.

Murray Lunn posted on and offered three methods to boost conversions on your landing pages and webpages. I especially like this point he shared about noticing and leveraging trends:

“Trends can go two ways:

info marketing business conversion improvement

Want To Convert More Visitors On Your Info Product Pages?

Skyrocket in popularity and profitability.

Tank and leave the public’s eye.

What you’d want to do is find the first, obviously.

To take advantage of these trends all you will need to do is visit a site like Google Trends and input keywords related to your niche, and pay acute attention to the history and current attention it receives within the trend graph.”

This is pretty basic advice, but it’s never out of date. Paying attention to trends in your topic area, and in related topic areas is an on-going, never-ending process.  And that goes for all forms of information marketing, not only affiliate marketing, or selling the products and services of other marketers on a commission basis.

You can also gather your own intelligence on trends by looking at the suggested keywords in every Google search, and scrolling down the page to see related searches. These keywords and phrases are not random. They have been identified specifically for you in the exact moment you are typing in the search bar. The same thing is happening for your target audience, and that’s a good way to know what they’re looking for on a regular basis, and to achieve a higher conversion rate.

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