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There are a whole lot of different ways to make money selling information products. It all depends on the field you’re in and where your talents lie. Whenever I do a seminar on how to market and sell your own information products, I talk about a variety of means to sell your info products. I also talk about the products themselves and how the intelligent info marketer should use them.

Here are some of your options when selling info products:

1. Ebooks: Simple and easy to produce. They can be virtually any length but are usually on the inexpensive end of your info products funnel.

2. “Regular” Books: I have written a bunch of physical books. These are great for promoting your info products business. Even though you don’t make a ton of money on every book you sell, it gets your name out there and allows you to “bounce people back” to your other websites selling additional info products you may have.

3. Audio Programs: I have cranked out thousands of audio programs over the last 25 years. Why? Because that particular information product comes really easy to me. I can interview people well and love to do it.

4. Video Programs: I’ve been doing a lot of video programs lately. Videos are an information product that a lot of people don’t do because they think it’s difficult. Yes and no. Doing them right requires a little bit of work and understanding, but just getting them done is pretty easy. It’s an information product you must have in your arsenal to be serious.

5. Seminars: My best selling book is called “Marketing and Promoting Your Own Seminars and Workshops“. It is sold on Amazon or as part of a series I sell. Take a look at the Fred Book Deal for more info on that.

6. Software: My absolute favorite info product to sell is software. I sell both my own and other licensed software I’ve acquired over the years. I suggest you do the same. This is the one information product that will make you a ton of money over time if done correctly.

There you have it, go forth and selling your own info products!

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