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Everyone who markets and sells info products should be asking their prospects and customer what they need and want. No surprise here. This is Marketing 101. I just sent a “blast” to my email list asking them to answer three questions. I’m in the process of compiling those questions and will report the answers here in the near future.

What I used to do this was a free tool. If you don’t have it, you should. It’s like a great Iphone APP and it’s FREE. I always like FREE!

Survey Monkey allows you to POLL a group of people and get up to 100 responses for free. If you decide to go with their higher end version of the product, you’ll pay for it. For some people it may be worth it. For right now, FREE works just fine.

If I were involved in a presidential poll, this would clearly NOT be enough data. BUT, for scrappy entrepreneurs like YOU and ME, 100 responses is enough to get a good FEEL for things. Would I bet the ranch on the accuracy of the results you get? Absolutely not.

But again, it’s a FREE service the way I use it.

A few months back I asked people to tell me what types of products they would like to buy from me. I gave them 4 options. Information marketing was number 1. So, I started ONLY producing products that would be relevant to people interested in selling info products.

In this last survey (and the results are not complete) I asked 3 OPEN ENDED questions. People could leave one question blank and they weren’t REQUIRED to answer any one of the questions. Here is what I asked:

1. What’s your biggest concern in your information marketing business right now?
2. What’s been the TOUGHEST thing for you about this business of selling info products?
3. What is the SINGLE most important thing you’ve learned that you won’t mind me sharing with “the world” on my blog that might benefit others?

Again, I left it open for the survey responder to put in anything they wanted. Essay style.

I did this to try and create BETTER posts for my blog. By better, I mean posts that people who find more relevant, like more and link to more. All of those would be positive for this blog.

Like I said, I’ll give you a full report after I’ve compiled the data, but YOU should be using Survey Monkey to do polls of your list. Try it and let me know your thoughts, OK?

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2 Responses to “Web Marketing Information via Survey Monkey”

  1. Hazel from UK Hosting on September 6th, 2010 11:34 am

    I have also used Survey Monkey before and it really is helpful in knowing the pulse of your customers and how your business is doing. Just don’t ask too much questions to avoid boring them.

  2. Fred Gleeck on September 6th, 2010 5:53 pm

    Hazel, I would agree. You NEVER want to be boring. Not when speaking, writing OR doing surveys with SurveyMonkey!

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