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Website Freshness For Best Page Ranking

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Remember, folks, you are not only looking forward to attracting human readers to your websites, blogs and landing pages. You actually need to lure search engines first in order to attract your all-important human visitors. So, website freshness for best page ranking is a topic that affects all of us, everyday.

And I literally mean “everyday” in the sense that page ranking is now a very moment-to-moment situation. Nobody understands Google’s criteria 100%, but many are very well-versed in their intelligent analysis and advice.

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Website Freshness For Best Page Ranking

The people at Copyblogger Media are well-known for their intelligent interpretations and world-class products.  Sean Jackson posted this week on the freshness issue:

“Unless you’re steeped in SEO terminology, you may not have heard of the acronym “QDF” or Query Deserves Freshness.  QDF, simply stated, is that for every query (“search term”) a search result list should include one (or more) piece of content that’s been recently published.”

That sounds simple enough, right? But on the web these days, loss of freshness happens faster than a small Styrofoam cup of coffee losing its steam. We’re talking minutes and hours, not days or weeks.

It’s the combination of authority and freshness that determines page ranking now, and these factors are influenced by social media, inbound and outbound links and content quality.  Jackson continues by saying,

“But as our experience shows, a quick spike in a search ranking is not enough. Establishing connections with other authoritative online sources is crucial for long term content viability — helping you build the links and social media shares to your content from authoritative sources.”

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