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What About TV?

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As you give consideration to various methods to advertise and promote your information marketing business, you may have overlooked one of the biggies. What about TV?  I know, your first thought is probably about how expensive TV ads are, right? Or if you operate a local business, maybe you have already used local TV ads in the past.

Here’s a forward-thinking excerpt from Mark Schaefer this week, on the topic of what is really happening when people watch TV now:

“More and more of us pull out our phones, tablets, or laptop while we watch. We may look up information or engage in conversation with others during the show.

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What About TV?

The Xbox One, just announced, is going to make that second screen experience even better by enabling you to bring up a browser window right next to the show on your screen. Other manufacturers are sure to follow suit.

And this is where advertisers are going to have to go, now that commercials are fast becoming a thing of the past:  to the second screen, and particularly to the side-by-side screen.”

What do you think about his phrase, “that second screen experience…” and how could you use it to your advantage to market information?

Obviously, I’m NOT talking about running TV ads, but coordinating your marketing on the web to correspond to TV shows that may be related to your information product topics. This is a big, new idea to wrap our brains around now. If you have any experience to share, please comment.

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