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What Are Blog Posts Really Worth Anyway?

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You are reading my blog, and I’m happy to say that customers, clients and surfers-at-large have been reading my blog posts since 2004. So, what are blog posts really worth, anyway? Do you have an answer for your own information marketing business blog?

I do. It works for me. It has always worked for me, despite the many changes on the web, including dramatic changes in search engine behavior.

My friend and colleague Bob Bly has a different take on it, however. We work together on various projects, but we agree to disagree regarding blogging. In fact, he recently said, “A columnist in a computer magazine once wrote that the best thing about the Internet is that anyone can post to it, and the worst thing about the Internet is that anyone can post to it.”

Information marketing blogging

What Are Blog Posts Really Worth Anyway?

OK, I’ll give him that. But he goes on to say, “There are some blogs that are well thought out and compellingly written. But those are a minority. Most blogs are, at best, content pollution—a lot of jibber-jabber.”

All I can say to that strong opinion is that jibber-jabber to some of us is music to the ears of other folks. And furthermore, jibber-jabber has always managed to attract readers and sell products, including information products online.

Maura Pennington offers one possible reason for the proliferation of empty words online in her post on “Many professional writers can tell you that the exchange of words on the Internet is often done at a rate of zero dollars. We are paid in the intangible currency of “exposure,” which I have personally found to bring as many negative consequences as positive.”

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