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What Are Buying Signals For Your Info Products?

Information Marketing

Salespeople have been reading the conversation and body language of their customers and prospects forever. Essentially, the idea of buying signals is nothing new. It is defined various ways on the web. For some examples:  “Signs or indications, verbal or non-verbal , that tell a salesperson that the customer is ready to buy, ” and, “…certain questions that hint interest in your product or services.”

What are buying signals for your info products? Have you learned what you are likely to see or hear so that you know the time is right?

info marketing buying signals

Information Marketing Buying Signals

Especially if you’re selling your info products online and you don’t have the advantage of working with your customers in person and seeing their body language, you might only see the following in emails, instant chat messages or text messages, or you might hear them on the phone:

  1. The price is too high. Do you have a less expensive model or version?
  2. Do you have some references I could contact?
  3. Will you accept payments on the total purchase price?
  4. Do you have a warranty or refund policy?

Keith Rosen, Executive Sales Coach, summarizes this topic, “Buying signals usually take on the form of statements or questions from the prospect; these assertions or inquiries bring them one step closer to the comfort zone of making the purchase.”

Knowing the buying signals for your own info products and knowing that it will take some patience to deal with the apprehension and hesitation they represent is an important part of closing sales in person and online.

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