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What Can Info Marketers Learn From Spider-Man?

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What can info marketers learn from Spider-Man? Ask Avish Parashar, because he believes there is a good answer to the question. Parashar also asks another question, based on the origin of Spider-Man’s super-powers:

“Spider-Man didn’t become Spider-Man because he got bit by a radioactive spider. He became Spider-Man because there was a moment that opened up his eyes and made him realize what he needed to do.

There is a reason you became a speaker. What it is it?”

spiderman and info marketing

What Can Info Marketers Learn From Spider-Man?

This is a really important question to ask yourself when you get started speaking at seminars and also on webinars to promote your information marketing business.  Your story is the foundation of all the stories you tell in person and online.

Your MOMENT is a big part of your own story. I mean, your AH-HA moment when it all came together in your mind, and when you were motivated to spring into action like Spider-Man to build your career.

Parashar continues:

“The key here is to find a moment. This doesn’t have to be a huge, earth shattering event. It could just be a time you sat on a train, commuting to work, and overheard a mother talking to her son. It could be a conversation you had with your boss. If could be a revelation that came to you when you stayed at work too late (again) and had to miss an important personal event.

Whatever it is, find the moment when you started your transformation from expert, employee, teacher, or whatever you were before, to speaker.”

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