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What Do Spiders See When They Crawl Your Website?

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Marc Purtell posted on Search Engine Journal lately, and he mentioned some SEO tools I wanted to share on my blog. But first, what do spiders see when they crawl your website?  Do you know?

Purtell says, “It’s not uncommon in today’s SEO landscape to wake up and find a sudden drop of organic search traffic and/or keyword rankings.”

Oh boy, I can tell you that’s a true statement, and it’s about to get even more significant with the upcoming Google algorithm changes, too. There’s NEVER been a web environment like the one we are facing today, and the different one we will face tomorrow. Things are really changing day-to-day.

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What Do Spiders See When They Crawl Your Website?

Although he makes a couple other suggestions, my favorite link that Purtell shared was to Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, which is free software that allows you to see your websites the way the spiders see your websites. Now, you may be thinking, why would I want that?  We all need to know what the spiders see when they crawl our websites because most of it is not visible to us, and yet it seriously affects our search rankings.

I have to admit that I’m not all that fascinated by what spiders see when they crawl my sites, but I’m avidly interested in improving my page ranking all the time. So, knowing what search engines see leads to improved page ranking when the bad stuff is removed.

If you have been marketing information for a number of years, you have certainly experienced drops in search engine ranking from time-to-time. This tool is for you, as well as everyone who is just getting started building an information marketing empire.

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