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What Does Information Marketing Have to do with Rain Gear??

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Most of you know how CHEAP I am. If you didn’t know, you do now. I LOVE to make money and HATE to spend it.

A number of years back I did made a GREAT investment. I broke down and bought a “full set” of rain gear. I got a pair of special pants along with a rain proof jacket and some water-proof shoes. Well over $300 total! Yikes!

(I had always been one of those crappy umbrella toting New Yorkers when I lived there full time. New Yorker’s refer to them as NY street umbrellas. If you get ONE use out of them you’re lucky.)


Soon after I purchased all the gear about 5 years back a huge storm dropped close to 3 inches of rain on Manhattan in a 48 hour period. It was in the summer, so it wasn’t cold outside. Just WET!

I was actually psyched to see the forecast a couple days before the storm hit. I was a bit skeptical that it would work.

As the rain started, I put on the complete outfit and headed out onto the streets. My wife was with me. She was the person who had convinced me to spend the money on all the stuff.


Within the first hour I thought to myself: What a complete idiot you’ve been! You could have bought this stuff years ago. AND, I would have actually SAVED money given the number of crappy umbrellas I had bought over the years.

As the rain poured down in buckets I was jumping into puddles like a 6 year old. I intentionally walked near the edge of the sidewalk and PRAYED that a cab would come by and splash a wall of water on me.

They had done this MANY times before with not so good results. They DID, more than once, and I felt totally dry under my outfit.

After spending a few hours walking around the city I came back to my apartment. I pulled the shoes, the pants and the jacket off at the door. I was expecting to find my clothes drenched under the super light protective shield. What did I find? NOT A DROP of water.


It worked. My wife who had lived in Portland and “discovered” this system gave me an amused grin. One I’ve seen more than once. She knew it would work. I did not. Now I kick myself for not having invested in all of this gear 20 years before.

So, naturally, your question is: “How the HECK does this relate to Information Marketing?” Believe it or not, there IS a connection.

Here it goes . . . .

When you know something about a topic, it appears painfully obvious to you. BUT, not to OTHERS.

A week or so back when I put on my complete rain outfit I looked at people with umbrellas and thought they were nuts. They didn’t know the “secret.”

There are a number of “SECRETS” out there in the field of info marketing. They range from incredibly basic to extremely complex. Over the next few weeks I’ll be covering a number of these secrets so keep coming back to see the others!

People look at my site and think that I have some fancy platform I’m working on. Not true. It’s a WordPress site. True that my Webmaster Stanley has done a great job of putting it together. BUT, it’s a WORDPRESS site. A free platform.

If you’re not running a WordPress site, you’re nuts! Like carrying an umbrella instead of buying rain gear!

A few things you have to think about when you DO get WordPress. First, do you have a hosting company that has 1-CLICK installation. If not, then switch to They do.

The next thing to consider is a theme. Will you go for a paid or a free theme? There are plenty of decent looking free themes. BUT, if you want to invest a little money, you should check out: My buddy Dave Hamilton has done some cool stuff you should check out.

Along those same lines you have to decide if you are going to do all this stuff yourself or have someone else help you out. IF you decide to do it yourself, you’ll need to learn how to do it. is a great deal to learn programs like WordPress and only costs $25 a month for unlimited access.

If you decide that doing it yourself is out of the question, then find someone reputable to help you out. Dave Hamilton is the only person I recommend. Check him out and make sure you tell him I sent you. He’s at

I would suggest you TRY and do it yourself. This is the best route if you have more TIME than MONEY. If you have more money than time, then get someone to do all this stuff for you.

It used to be that all of the WordPress sites looked pretty crappy. Not true anymore. Particularly with the themes you can get. They are also very SEO friendly. One of my videos at has a list of all the plug-ins I use. Take a look at that section soon after you load WordPress onto your system.

Plug-ins are like accessories for your car. You can get the basic car and it will sure run. But, you can then ADD some bells and whistles to your site with plug-ins. There are plenty of them. Many of them are free.

If you ever WISH your site could do this or that, there is probably a plug-in that will do MOST of what you want to do. Again, many of them are free!

So there you have it.

I’m really sorry if you aren’t using WordPress for your site. I see no reason why any and every information marketer shouldn’t be using it. Particularly if you follow my suggestions and create a BUNCH of sites.

Comments? Questions? Ideas? Leave them here!

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