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What Does RSS Mean To You And Your Information Marketing?

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The acronym RSS stands for “Real Simple Syndication,” or more accurately, “Rich Site Summary.”  Most people who know what it stands for think it’s the first phrase, but technical types who understand HTML and know how to program will use the latter phrase.  If you are an aspiring techie, feel free to read Dr. Leslie Sikos’ tutorial on RSS.  I have to admit that page is too rich for my blood.

So, what does RSS mean to you and your information marketing business?  Is it important?  The answer is a resounding YES.  It is going to be the key to swift communication that is free of impediments in the future.

Here is my quick and dirty analysis of the importance of RSS. It is not technical, but it is crucial. It is actually a big deal and something all info marketers need to understand.

information marketing rss

Real Simple Syndication

Spam filters weed out a certain percentage of the emails you send to people on your list. Those people may not even be aware this is happening. Oh, they might find your email in their Spam inbox, but that does not always happen. Sometimes it is just GONE.

And long before your contact’s spam filters can weed out your emails, your own email provider may have removed a contact from your list because you did not indicate that specific email address as a double-opt-in. That means you sent the person an email saying, “Are you sure you want to be on my list? If so, click here…”   In other words, they had a chance to opt-out, even though they gave you their email address previously.

It’s a triple-whammy and it’s getting worse. So, RSS solves the email issues by bypassing email entirely.  Here’s an example of an RSS feed on one of my sites.  Get RSS on all your sites to spare yourself the email hassles, too.

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