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What Is An Upsell in Information Marketing?

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What is an upsell in information marketing?  Do you want fries with that? Whenever we hear the familiar fast food phrase we’ve just heard an upsell in action. If we reply, “Yes,” the upsell worked.

Now, most people who drive up or walk into a fast food restaurant KNOW about French fries. And I’m guessing that fries are often the reason for the visit, not the delicious sandwiches. So, what’s the point? Why ask a customer if he or she wants fries every visit? It’s good marketing, that’s why. It works. Even those people who scrupulously void excess will often capitulate when asked.  And they will say “Yes,” to fries.

upsell information marketing

What Is An Upsell in Information Marketing?

What can you use to upsell your customers when they visit your landing pages, your websites, and your live events? Free gifts are so popular right now that the first thought is to give away another digital product along with the purchased item. But what about offering an additional product for a price?

The answers to my questions are not going to be the same for every info marketer. If you are selling organic lawn and garden supplies, the dynamics of an upsell will be different than those for a plastic surgeon.  But one way to look at the situation is the same for us all – what ELSE is your customer likely to want or need to go along with the original decision to purchase?

The lawn care expert could offer an e-book titled, “How To Keep Grub Worms And Fire Ants From Ruining Your Beautiful Lawn.”  And the plastic surgeon could offer, “Post –Surgery Skin Care Secrets.” Both those titles exemplify information the customers would naturally want, to go along with their original purchase.

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