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What is Remarketing for Information Marketers?

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Have you ever heard of remarketing? What is remarketing for information marketers? It was a new term to me, so I decided to post about it today.

Basically, ecommerce remarketing means reaching out to contacts that did not follow through on a transaction, although they showed interest.  If you’ve ever put items in a shopping cart online and decided not to complete the transaction, that seller could target you for remarketing.

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What is Remarketing for Information Marketers? defines it this way, “ In email and online marketing, remarketing or ecommerce remarketing refers to the techniques, strategies  and often the automated email systems used by marketers and online merchants to follow up with Web site visitors who do not make a desired action on the Web site­—usually it is when they abandon their shopping cart.

People often refer to ecommerce remarketing services as “conversion marketing” or “cart abandonment email marketing.”

Knowing the contact information of your site visitors, which should include the first name as well as the email address, allows you to email them and prompt them to complete their transaction with you. A personal email from you can make all the difference if a customer is right on the edge of purchasing one of your information products.

Better yet, if you have their phone number you can give them a call. Making phone calls to contacts who are sitting on the fence has been very effective for me, and depending on the nature of your business it could be the best possible method for making a sale for you, too.

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