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What NOT To Do When You Market Information

Information Marketing

A long time ago I learned that there are many ways to do most things correctly. What is critical for success is to learn what NOT TO DO and then simply don’t do it. Learning what not to do when you market information should be up at the top of the to-do list, especially now.

I am still learning what not to do, and so is every other information marketer on the planet.  Keeping up with changes in internet search and email create full-time jobs for techie types in large organizations. My own business is not that large, so it’s up to me to listen to my webmaster and others who implement changes on my behalf.

Giselle Abramovich is an Editor at Digiday, THE site to visit when you’re exploring the enormous realm of digital marketing. In her recent article, “5 Habits of Unsuccessful Brands in Digital,” she provides the following problems that should serve as a timely heads-up for any information marketers, anywhere.  These points are not only applicable to large organizations, they apply to all of us:

  1. Putting the perspective of the business ahead of the perspective of the customer;
  2. Failing to keep up with the times and understanding that digital communication has eclipsed print and other forms of offline advertising;
  3. Not testing new platforms and tools to enhance communication online;
  4. Ignoring analytic data;
  5. Failing to integrate all marketing efforts so that they are consistent visually and contextually in order to enhance the brand.
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