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We can get so caught up in deciding what to blog or publish, in creating and marketing our content, we may lose sight of what our content says about us.  Does that make sense?  What I write defines who I am to the world. And what you write and record and disseminate in various ways as information marketing is defining you as well.

Mark Schaefer put it this way in a blog post this week:

“Let’s face it, most of the people making an impact on the social web today would not have been heard from even a few years ago, including me. Yes, I create content. But as you see, content is also creating me…

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What Our Content Says About Us

If you’re not a decent writer, try video blogs. If you don’t like video, start a podcast. If you don’t want to commit to podcasts, how about slide presentations on Slideshare, or even photographs on Instagram?”

Schaefer is so right. We don’t really have any excuse for failing to select a medium from the large selection available to us, and getting on with using one, or many.

I think that the point Schaefer is making is really all about courage. Basically, it’s people who have the courage to “put themselves out there,” and to weather the inevitable changing tides of profitability who eventually succeed. In the real world there is no EASY button. We know that, but we keep looking for it, nonetheless.

My blog and course contents say more about me and what I have to offer than I probably realize. I’m saying that the same is true for all your content as well.

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