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Does it seem like there are not enough hours in the day and that the last thing you need is another task to build your business? If so, you are in good company. I’d say that is the normal state for most people, whether they work online or offline.  But the sad truth is that what you don’t know may hurt your information marketing.

It’s not enough to know THAT your free info product was downloaded 473 times.  You really need to know WHY so that you can reap the harvest with what you learn. Not everyone has the same motivation, of course, and the stats on how many downloaders actually read or heard your well-crafted information product might break your heart.  Sometimes our work gets lost in the daily fray, the icons on a screen or documents in a file.

info marketing personalized email

Personalized Email for Information Marketing Clients

Do you make a point to open a conversation with your downloaders?  Do you send a personal email to each person (these are real people, don’t forget, not web robots, assuming you utilized opt-in security) and boldly ask him or her for a comment?

If not, once again you’re in the majority. I have downloaded hundreds of free products to see what goes on and to find the occasional good idea to stimulate my own thinking about product creation.  I enjoy seeing what my competitors and others are doing out there. And I have yet to receive a personal email asking me how I liked a product, or if I had any suggestions. How about you?

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