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What’s the Value of Your Information Marketing Business?

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What’s the value of your information marketing business? Have you ever given any thought to this basic business question? Placing a monetary value on your business can be a great exercise for several reasons, but the first one that comes to mind is motivation. When I’ve done some calculations to make projections, I’m always amazed at how useful the exercise can be.

Here’s one way to go about it, and of course it’s not the only way to compute the value of your business. Since I am primarily interested in cash flow, and not tangible assets, I look at the various sources of income and that’s the basis of my valuation.

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What’s the Value of Your Information Marketing Business?

In other words, I don’t start with the value of my office equipment or inventory of my own books, even though I have a significant investment in both. What matters to me, and what SHOULD matter to you is how much revenue comes in as a result of your information marketing efforts each month.

That is the real value of your information marketing business. Building a revenue stream, with a goal of multiple revenue streams is your real goal, and it’s one you should assess regularly. Determining a value, to me, is the process of figuring out how much I would ask if I wanted to sell my business at the present time.  Even if I have no interest at all in selling, knowing the price tag is very useful to me whenever I make those calculations.

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