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Who Do You Follow To Publish Your Book?

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I’m sure you could spend every hour of every day watching videos and reading e-books and blog posts about how to publish a book. Since digital publishing has given us all the opportunity to become authors and publishers now, advisors are popping up and claiming expertise all over the web.  How can you know who to listen to? Who do you follow to publish your book?

There is no easy answer to that question, and certainly not one answer for all authors. Traditional publishers of hardback and paperback books don’t really have the answers either, because they expect their authors to not only write, but also market their own books. They expect authors to have a following on social media and an email list of subscribers to a blog or newsletter.

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Who Do You Follow To Publish Your Book?

Publishing consultant Ted Hill was interviewed by Hannah Johnson for Publishing Perspectives this week. Hill stated, “For years, you could pretty much get by with retail sales data, bestseller lists and press clippings. Today, publishers struggle to integrate website analytics, buzz metrics, and services that identify hundreds or thousands of social media influencers. It comes down to trying to understand where a title or author’s natural audience lies.”

This is reality, folks. It is NOT simple, and that goes for the big boys and girls at traditional publishers as well as new and established authors. It’s a jungle out there.

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