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Why Information Marketing as Opposed to a TRADITIONAL Business?

Information Marketing

I was just on Facebook and saw someone “liked” a particular company. Information marketing is SO MUCH easier a business to start and set up than MOST businesses!

I clicked through to see the business I mention here and discovered it was owned by a friend of mine. This the same person I had invited (at no charge) to attend one of my recent Fred Info Bootcamps. They did not attend.

I will assume that one of the reasons they didn’t make it was because they were spending a lot of time setting up this TRADITIONAL business. I have nothing against traditional business models, for the most part, they are just NOT for me.

They seem to be a LOT more work than marketing and selling info products. I always prefer LESS work to MORE work in most cases!

It is very difficult to convince most people to spend their time setting up an information marketing business if they haven’t been exposed to them before. People have established “mental sets”. Many who have NOT been exposed to info marketing find them scary.

NOTHING could be further from the truth.

The other thing that I realized when I saw this Facebook page was that my offering to let my old friend attend the event for free was wrong. Someone who doesn’t have to pay to attend a training session will probably not take it too seriously.

In my attempt to be  NICE GUY I was NOT helping this individual.

I hope that their brick and mortar business works out for them. I sincerely do. I just know that it’s not right for me. Employees? Physical location? Rent at that physical location? These and all of the other items involved in a traditional business make it impossible for me to recommend doing ANY of them any more.

For me, selling info products is where I want to be. Trying to CONVINCE others can sometimes be tough.

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