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Why People Buy Your Information Products

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You may THINK you know why people buy your information products, but chances are quite high that your conclusions are only partially right. Yes, the best way to discover their motivation is to ask them, it’s true. And you can always ask your clients and customers for feed back by phone, email or in person, if possible.

But watch out for a very common human trait to influence their responses – they will tell you what they think you want to hear. That’s right. I’m not saying that people will lie, but they may not be in touch with their own motivations. If they don’t know their real reasons for purchasing info products from you, or hiring you for consultations or coaching, then they certainly cannot explain them to you.

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Why People Buy Your Information Products

Over the years I’ve been an information marketer, I’ve noticed that some of the people I THOUGHT would choose to work with me may not make that choice, even though it was a practical, logical choice. And other people did chose to work with me, even when it was a stretch financially or in other ways. They may not have been ideally suited to get started with the level of work we did together, but they wanted it and began it, nevertheless.

 I recently saw this phrase quoted, “Psychographics trumps demographics,” and I absolutely agree with it. Sometimes the people who are least likely to make an investment of time and money will make the decision to do so, while those who are best situated will not. Don’t expect their reasons to make any sense. It’s just not human nature.

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